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Chef Alan Yu Visits

New Zealand

We invited China-based chef Alan Yu to our shores for a taste of New Zealand. It was an excellent opportunity to welcome a celebrated chef and see what he had to say about our supply chain. We are investing in relationships like this one as we continue to invest in the China market.

With a focus on sustainability - on our farms, in venison cuts and across the supply chain - having Alan here was also part of our focus on people and telling our story. We captured Alans visit in order to share it with others who are interested in seeing how we produce our world-leading venison.

Interview with Chef Alan Yu

Following a presentation to local farmers, where he showcased how venison can be cooked in Chinese cuisine, we spent some time to learn more about how Chef Yu incorporates venison in his restaurants. 

Visiting New Zealand Farms

Chef Alan Yu visited two farms during his visit. Firstly at Northbank Station, Alan met with Adam Waite and had a good talk about the operations of his farm. 

One of the key aspects and selling points of Mountain River Venison is the healthy free-range lifestyle that our herds enjoy, which in turn helps in producing the highest quality venison product.

How We Process Venison

Chef Alan Yu visited Mountain River Processors in Rakaia, Canterbury. Here he had an inside look into how we operate and process our venison.

Alan was impressed with the cleanliness and quality control over the product, along with the care that the staff took with their work.

South Island Helicopter Trip

Chef Alan Yu was treated to a helicopter flight to take in the quintessential stunning scenery of the South Island.

Chef Alan Yu's Venison Recipes

We hosted a presentation with Alan to discuss Chinese perceptions and opportunities for New Zealand venison. There was an excellent turn out to the event and Alan demonstrated some Chinese dishes using Mountain River Venison. Here are recipes for two of these dishes:


Please contact us if you are interested in talking about how venison will work on your menu.

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