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Inspirational Chefs


From our farms to your table, eminent chefs help you understand the Mountain River Venison brand story.


Chef Parke Ulrich, Executive Chef of San Francisco's Waterbar restaurant visits a Mountain River Venison supplier farm.

Chef Brad Farmerie of Public in NYC and nutritionist Heidi Skolnik talk about nutrition and the new "IT" food.


Chef Todd Gray of Equinox Restaurant in Washington talks about the most lean alternative to any meat.

Chef Parke Ulrich


Key Takeout Points from Video.


Chef Parke Ulrich makes these points:

  • The high environmental quality of New Zealand's farming methods.

  • Sustainability is very important.

  • Every food has a sense of place and a story behind it.

  • The products here are cared after - ther overall taste is clean - they are pure. Like NZ itself, it has an untouched charactoristic to it that makes it taste a little bit better.


Chef Brad Farmerie & Heidi Skolnik


Key Takeout Points from Video.


Chef Chef Brad Farmerie & Heidi Skolnik make these points:


  • Venison is full of nutrients, low fat and there are endless ways to prepare it.

  • The venison is farm raised in NZ, grass fed, and one of the most popular dishes at this Soho hotspot.

  • It is going to be a rock star! The new "IT" food. He prepares and serves about 10,000 portions each year.

  • A nutrient powerhouse: less calories, less fat and more nutrients.


Chef Todd Gray

Key Takeout Points from Video.


Chef Todd Gray makes these points:

  • Chef Todd Gray's Equinox Restaurant in Washington has been involved in NZ venison since the early 1990's.

  • Customers are asking for low fat proteins. This is the most lean alternative to any meat. 

  • It is a healthy alternative that a lot of Americans are happy to learn about.

  • It is a farm raised product out of New Zealand, leaner than beef and even leaner than chicken.

  • Keep it clean, straight forward, don't clutter the venison and let it be the star of the dish.

Chef Park Urlich
Chef Brad Farmerie and nutritionist Heidi Skolnik
Chef Todd Gray
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