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Community Description

The Mountain River Community is a community of suppliers, customers and those in-between, collaborating on and about all things Mountain River Venison. Our goal is to grow stronger relationships across the value chain.


We’re here to talk about #MountainRiverVenison, what’s new and next for our businesses, to connect with people in the industry, and to share inside tips for how to produce better venison and how to better communicate with customers.


We encourage you to invite your team members and people in your network who can raise the bar in our conversation. The more people included in the conversation, the better!

Community Rules

Please talk, ask questions, share, and connect! This community is a place for all of us to collaborate and learn. We ask that you don’t promote content, products or services, but you do participate and add your awesome insights to the conversation. 


This is a community discussion forum. Comment is free but please respect our rules:


  1. Keep the conversation and comments positive 

  2. Don’t break the law or pretend to be someone else

  3. Do share your insights, news and stories!


If we find issue with any of your posts, we’ll be in contact and your comments will be edited without recourse and you may be asked to go away and reconsider your actions.

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