The Story

The Mountain River farms and factory are located by the Rakaia River, which flows from the mountainous Southern Alps to the Pacific Ocean.

Mountain River Venison was founded by Doug Hood and his family in 1994. Their vision was to produce top quality venison on their own and neighboring farms, by operating the farming, processing and marketing as a partnership. Today, their focus is on delivering the best quality venison to an ever-growing number of export customers.

The Mountain River deer are raised as close to nature as possible, using modern environmentally-sustainable farming methods. Their diet consists of grass and occasional supplementary foods such as hay, silage or grain during cold winter months. They are then processed on the farm at Mountain River's world-class production facilities, which offers year-round supply.

Mountain River is a growing and successful business. It has a stable team of people, who are highly skilled in their jobs and committed to delivering a quality product. Its customers are enjoying Mountain River venison in many countries including Germany, France, Switzerland, Scandinavia, the USA and Japan.


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